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Things you can craft from (Recycling!) Answered

Here is a list of some great things you can craft things out of:

-Empty Shoe box
-Used Poster boards
-Empty Dunkin Donuts Munchkin or Doughnut box
-Empty Pizza Boxes

-Empty Altoids candy box
-Empty Water bottle

-Used Paper (like one you used to write phone numbers on)

-Empty water bottles
-Empty milk containers

*Adding more soon!*


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2 years ago

There are some other things also you can make from recycling products:

1) DIY Straw Necklace

Take 4 colorful straws which are used for drinking shakes and
smoothies. Cut them into pieces of the same size (1 -1.5 inches). Take a
thread or fashion string or a wool and few wooden buttons or beads.
Arrange the pieces of straw and beads alternatively to make a straw
necklace. You can also attach few feathers in the center to give it a
pendant look.

2) Solar Crayon Art Paper

Everybody has old and broken crayons lying in their drawer. Time to
clean up the messy drawer with your buddy and take out those old
crayons. You can make a craft paper or gift wrapper using these.

Take a big white sheet and grate crayons over it. Make sure it
sprinkles all over the sheet to cover it nicely with the multi-colors
spread. Now keep this sheet under the sun to melt. I preferred to keep
it on our car, which also gave it immense heat from below.

3) Tissue Paint

Pour some color in a palate, crush a tissue paper in a small size of a
ball. Now put this crushed tissue paper onto the color and then make
impressions with it on a white paper.

This can later be used as a gift wrapper or a craft paper.

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12 years ago

Its fun to take something someone was going to throw away and figure out how to make something useful out of it.


12 years ago

plastic ___________________ bottles and everything made of PET - for hot / vacuum forming styrofoam from packaging bubble wrap / foamy wrap building materials ___________________ pieces of i beams / c beams / window frames electrical cables and wires and pipes pieces of dry wall packaging ___________________ all kinds of boxes furniture and similar junk ___________________ wood / chipboard / mdf hinges etc glass and mirrors


Reply 12 years ago

Not PET It decays too much with the heat - HDPE, LDPE and Acryllic should work though.