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It's my girlfriend and i one year anniversary coming up soon and i have no ideas on what to do. Answered

we are on a pretty tight budget so keep that in mind.



4 years ago

One truly perfect one year anniversary gift is http://mydayregistry.com/gifts/first-anniversary/ ;) What makes it so perfect is that it actually blends the modern with the traditional into one amazing gift!


10 years ago

If you are on a tight budget go on a picnic to a park or to a scenic place where you live, prepare the food yourself if you can (to save money), bring some romantic music to play, pick some wildflowers to give her (may not be the best time of year for picking flowers though).


10 years ago

Where are you? How old are you? What are your common interests? Is she also an I'bler? You could find an Instructable that you both like and spend the day making it together. You could figure out a project that you both have an interest in and make an Instructable out of it.