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Itunes Music Gone? Answered

I got onto Itunes yesterday, and I noticed that a lot of my songs were missing. They were just completely gone. Should i sync my ipod, and put the songs back on, or try to do something else? Help? The same thing happened to my father, who I share the account with. We have not updated/downloadedany new versions of anything on Itunes recently. Help?



7 years ago

Did you by chance move the itunes library files? I've done this numerously, and every time it erases itunes..


Answer 7 years ago

Just because you didn't do anything in iTunes doesn't mean that you didn't do anything to the files.

Did you move anything around in your music folder?  (If you move a file that a program needs to another directory and don't tell that program where to find it, it's clueless!  Especially if apple made it..........................................)

If you didn't move any files, go to your music folder and see if the files are still there.  If they are, try just selecting everything in a folder and pressing enter.  It should in theory open up in iTunes (depending on your default program for whatever type of file you are using), which should add it back into it's library.  (Again, in theory.)