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I've have lots of mini keyboards and toy guitars. How can I store / transport them safely on the cheap? Answered

Mostly for circuit bent music - I've got toy guitars like the One Man Jam, Tyco Hot Lixx, Tyco Hot Keys, etc. and mini casio and yamaha keyboards with new knobs and switches sticking all over the place. I'm afraid that some of the plastic parts may be broken (plastic whammy bars, knobs, etc.) may be broken if I just chuck them in a cardboard box or gig bag, but I don't have lots of money for a fleet of custom ATA road cases.


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11 years ago

A cheap way to transport them would be 1. Get a piece of foam insulation from a home improvement store( Lowes, Home Depot, ect) 2. Cut 2 pieces to fit inside your boxes. 3. For keyboards: place one on its side, at an angle just inside the edge of the foam, (to get more in the box ), trace around it with a felt marker 4. Cut out the piece. 5. Place the square of foam on top of the 2nd piece, as a pattern, so they will line up. Mark and cut.. A variation of that could be done for the guitars, so that they are on one side around the body the other side around the neck, OR you might be able to get a fairly thick piece of foam insulation and just cut out a section where the flat of the body will fit into it and stand them upright.