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I've picked a "starter set" of LEDs and accessories - Looking for advice Answered

Hi Everyone... I'm looking to get into a bunch of random LED projects so I need some LEDs and various accessories.

I've done soldering and such in the past, so I have a soldering iron (cold heat) and solder and flux... but I'm wondering if this is a good set of starter equipment and if the prices are decent...

any suggestions or comments are welcome...
(all items are from www.besthongkong.com)
Blue LED - 20 Degree Clear 9000mcd - 20 count - $7.60 (unit price is 0.99 under ten items)
Red LED - 20 Degree Clear 14000mcd - 20 count - $9.80 (unit price is 0.50 under ten items)
Pure Green LED - 20 Degree Clear 30000mcd - 20 count - $9.00 (unit price is 0.56 under 10 items)
Ultra Violet LED - 20 Degree Clear 400-410nm - 20 count - $7.00 (unit price is 0.35 under 10 items)
5mm Red Piranha LED (This is a wide-spread LED with 1000-1500mcd output) - 10 count -$5.00 (unit price is 0.62 under 10 items)

Set of 10PCs 3mm Plastic LED Holder - $1.50 (50 cents for each 10 pieces, ordered 3)
6 inches of Heat Shrink - $1.90 (19 cents for each 6, ordered 10)

100 ohm 1/4 Watts Resistor - 50PCs - $0.50
220 ohm 1/4 Watts Resistor - 50PCs - $0.50
470 ohm 1/4 Watts Resistor - 50PCs - $0.50

I didn't order any wire because I figured I could just pick that up anywhere around here.

Total Cost - $43.30
Shipping - $5.50
Grand Total - $48.80


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13 years ago

You might want to look into their eBay auctions as well. Prices are lower, but shipping is higher and more rigid, and sometimes they throw in resistors for free. I don't know whether the total would work out better or worse, but it's worth checking into. Your 400-410nm "UV" LEDs are on the blue/purple side of true ultraviolet. They'll make a bunch of stuff fluoresce, but they won't be "invisible" by any means. In general, smaller wavelengths are better for UV purposes, but TRUE UV lamps are rather rare and quite expensive, and all the reasonably priced ones are likely to be fairly visible. If you want a purple LED, these should be good, though! Standard LED size is 5mm, but you've ordered holders for 3mm LEDs. No WHITE Leds? Also, all your LEDs are relatively expensive superbright types; you might want to look at getting some "ordinary" cheap LEDs (less bright) from elsewhere so you care less while you're burning them out.


Reply 13 years ago

Just the type of advice I was looking for, thanks!! Yeah... I didn't get any white ones cuz I was thinking of everything more as utilities instead of like making flashlights, but I probably should get some. Just cuz. Your thought about getting cheaper ones is also pretty good. Chances are that I'm gonna burn out a few, eh? As for, the UV/purple ones... yeah, I was really going for the flourescence more than the invisibility. (Have a dog and and a cat... think 'detector') Whoa... I thought I read 5mm holders... sheesh... Good thing I ran this past an expert ;-) Thanks a ton!