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Jameco Build Night at Taipei Hackerspace Answered

Greetings from Taipei Hackerspace, I'm Greg, one of the co-founders, and the organizer for the August Build Night (well, afternoon) in out space.

First of all, thanks for Instructables and Jameco for this, this was our firstit was a really fun opportunity, and surely learned a lot from it. :) We had a relatively small turnout, partly because our Hackerspace is dual-language (Chinese and English) and I can only speak/write one of them, and also because next time we'll need some more preparation and engagement of the community.

Still, we had very interesting folks, from ex-NASA engineer, through business guy and biomedical major, to journalist. Everyone seemed to have learned some new things and had a great time. We haven't built anything really fancy, but had good time figuring out the basics, and the 555 timer is simple enough to get started with, and in the same time complex enough to puzzle us with strange circuit bugs :P

Our instructables from the event:
-> Annoying screaming light
-> Ticking bomb package (any bonus points for reusing the package we got the build night components in?:)
-> Thankful donation jar

As some feedback, the grab-bag of electronics was in general interesting, there were some parts that the more knowledgeable members told me to "hide it away because it's highly sought after". Had a big load of LEDs too (more than we would have ever used for the build night) and the big variety of resistor was a good idea. I was missing one thing: since the build night is centered around the 555 timer, maybe a larger number and variety of capacitors would have been useful (there were about 5 pieces in the entire package, while had at least 60 LEDs), since pretty much every 555 circuit uses a bunch of different caps.

More photos from our event are at https://plus.google.com/photos/100085911445404984901/albums/5913287340991955185 (no login required).



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