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Japan: The Legendary Martial Arts & Culture Center of The World! Answered

Hello World!
I am Jehosephat, a fun-loving, Japanese die-hard fan of its rich culture, interesting people, & beautiful history.
This forum is mainly about anything Japanese-related subject: from samurai to tofu, videogames to anime, or music to...well, anything!
I only ask of two things:
1. Don't Take Things Too Seriously. This includes the hard-core fans of any particular subject; I know all of you have a plethora of knowledge, but please don't take things personally if someone disagrees with you. Just don't talk to them or something. I won't tolarate any offensive behavior & I will report you to the administrators.
2. Have Fun. Self-explanatory. This is a friendly forum, not a boxing arena, so have fun with it.
Thank you all whom join, subscribe, or post &/or communicate on this forum.
Sincerely & with best regards,



9 years ago

Well, I notice there's not a lot of activity in this thread, but I too am a Japanfan so I can't help but try to reinitiate a conversation.
To answer your question, I enjoy onigiri very much, though it took me a while to perfect the art of making them correctly.
I was unsure of the idea of wrapping them in seaweed at first, but now I really like it that way...do you have a favorite filling?


10 years ago

Hello everybody! I just want to start this forum out by asking a simple question: Who here likes onigiri (rice cakes)? Don't be afraid to post; the more the merrier! Jehosephat