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Javascript auto currency convertor Answered

Just a quick idea that I think would greatly improve the functionality of instructables. We've a lot of different users from many countries. I find it interesting while reading 'ibles what they cost to make and it is a question that's asked a lot in the comments. As a UK resident I post my answers/questions in GBP which I can imagine must annoy the hell out of US users. Would it be difficult to allow users to check a box in their profile to enable auto currency conversion? With the box ticked, all values in comments and instructables would be checked for the £ and $ signs. The code would then look at the value after the sybol and then check it against a reputable currency converter (google?) and then parse the value as a link. Hovering over this link would produce a tooltip (like the pale yellow boxes you see when you hover over the programs listed in the task bar in windows.... go on, I know you don't know what I mean but will just check.... oh yes.... those) that shows the converted value. Taking this one step further, people's profiles could allow them to specify the currency they want all monetary values to be shown in and the tool tips would show these accordingly. Does this make sense? I hope I've explained it well enough. Does anyone else see this as a potentially valuable feature? Possibly open to pros?



10 years ago

While on the subject of profile options, I'd love to be able to set my time zone in my profile, it confuses the hell out of me seeing US time.


Reply 10 years ago

The time thing could be done easily (I'd like it), but the currency conversion if so easily found elsewhere it's not going to be done. L