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Javax error Answered

Hello, I just wanted to report a problem on one instructable.


if I open this particular one, i can only see loads of weird commands and errors.

have a nice day


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9 years ago

When I open it, it looks fine to me. Would you mind taking a screenshot and posting it, so I can see what you're looking at. Or you can copy all of the weird commands/errors you see and paste it into a comment.

Also, please let me know what OS and Web Browser you're using. All of this will help in figuring out what wrong, and how to fix it. Thanks!


Reply 9 years ago

Well i just tried again and now it worked without any errors.
Might have been a temporary error.

I am using safari on a macbook pro with the latest snow leo updates.

But thanx for the fast reply!

Keep up the great work