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Javier Fernandez-Han Wins 2009 Invent Your World Challenge Answered


I acted as a judge for this competition, and the winning Versatile system was of my favorites from among many interesting and thoughtful entries. Congratulations to Javier!

At the tender age of 9, Javier Fernandez-Han found his calling: design for the other 90 percent - help the world's poor meet their basic needs sustainably.

Several years of research and design have led to an innovative solution: The VERSATILE System - a mashup of new and adapted technology that treats waste, produces methane and bio-oil as fuel, produces food for humans and livestock, sequesters greenhouse gases, and produces oxygen.

What drives this complete energy resource system? Algae - the little organism that could.

For his work, Javier, 15, won the top prize in this year's Invent Your World Challenge, sponsored by Ashoka's Youth Venture and the Lemelson Foundation.

We spoke to Javier about the VERSATILE System and the need for holistic thinking in the invention sector.


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11 years ago

Looks great, but I was wondering if there were higher resolution pictures of the system. Most of the pictures that I've found were too low of a resolution to show any details of how it works.