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Joining together on projects. Answered


I love Instructables, its a very inspiring site to me.

I have a suggestion. We need a forum where people can join efforts on making some bigger or more complex projects.

For example, I would like to build a lawn robot, I can do the mecanics, but need to have some guys who know something about electronics and programming to join. All it would take on your site, is a new dropdown menu, where to list projects descriptions, etc.

Best regards
Bjarne Carstensen


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.

10 years ago

That is already possible. You can use the forums to find people with the expertise or interests to join your project, then when you start your Instructable you click the "share" tab at the top of the editing screen, choose to collaborate and add your collaborators' names.