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Judgement Dates Past Due Answered

Hey, I like to watch the contests and all because I'm interested to see who wins (plus I'm rooting for one in particular, but that's neither here nor there). But the Epilog and Pocket-Sized challenges judging end dates keep getting pushed back. Is there a reason for this? Can someone pretty please help me understand?





7 years ago

Yeah it often happens as such, I'm eagerly awaiting in the Mad scientist contest, but remind myself, "these people often have other jobs, responsibilites, families etc... sometimes life gets in the way" Even though this thread it in itself past its date, you can apply these rules to future contests


8 years ago

Sponsored contests sometimes hit delays if the contest sponsors are involved in the final judging (eg selection of a grand prize winner), because it's sometimes hard to get all the right people together in the same time-zone at the same time.

I don't know if that has happened in this case, but it's more common than you'd expect.

Lithium RainKiteman

Reply 8 years ago

Yeah, false prophets are a really common phenomenon; you'll see lots of people saying that the end will come at such and such a date, but...

...oh, you mean for Instructables contests. Yeah, actually, same thing applies here. :D