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Jule thief transformer issues. Answered

I'm trying to make a Jule thief, I set up the circuit and tested it using a salvaged transformer and it works fine the only problem is that the salvaged transformer is kinda large. So i decide to try to make a smaller transformer using a Radio Shack T4452-1R2L choke and 26 gauge magnet wire. i managed to fit 15 pairs of windings onto the T4452-1R2L Toroid, but when i tested it the led won't light up. I tested the wires for shorts using a multi-meter and even tipple checked that it was wired correctly. Is this Toroid just not suitable for use in transformers of this kind or do i need to use a smaller gauge wire or is there something I am overlooking?



Best Answer 10 years ago

NVM, I solved it myself i rewound the coil this time I didn't stop when I made one full revolution around the coil instead i made 3 full revolutions (sorry didn't count the number of turns but i know that it was 30+) anyway it's working perfectly now actually seems brighter than my other transformer and it it doesn't make an audible sound.