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Just for fun! Answered

I noticed we neither have a section, nor a thread for fun stuff, so I just made one ;)

Let me give you something fun to think about, then you can add more funny stuff so we all have a good laugh :)

The invisible man - a really old story!
There is a man, thausands and thausands of year old, some even say he is as old as time itself.
One day the old guy got really bored and decided to do something new.
A few days of hard work and within a week he created the universe and all we know.
To make it less boring he also decided to add some humans to it.
After all, why would you need a TV if you can have it all life.
Not long and those humans figured it all out and were really greatful for all the hard work done.
So in return they accepted some ground rules, ten of them to be precise.
Big buildings were built and everyone also needed some tokens to show how much he loves his god.
Many years later some guy came along and got interested in this almighty guy everyone now called "god".
"What does he do?"
"Oh! He loves you and watches you every minute of your life!"
"Nice! And what does he expect from me?"
"Just follow the rules and read his book if you feel troubled."
"There is a book too?"
"Certainly is and you can have one for just 10 bucks."
"And who is he and what would happen if I break the rules?"
"God is all powerful, wise, loving and forgiving but if you break the rules you will end in a pit of fire and pain for eternity!"
"Oh, that much trouble if I break the rules... Can I fix it if I did?"
"God always loves you and will forgive you!"
"Hmm, just to make sure that I got it right, let me sum it all up:
There is an invisible guy living in the sky, he watches every single one down here every minute of the day.
He is all powerful, almighty, all loving and the most forgiving guy you can find.
But he needs money.
Why do you collect moneyfor him if he never eats, sleeps, drinks or has any fun and also states there is no need for riches?


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

That routine was funnier when George Carlin did it.

Look up Youtube video id, "gPOfurmrjxo". I would link to it directly, but it is kind of heavy on profanity.

I am not sure why you want start the "fun" thread with a story about the shortcomings of religion, to me that kind of seems more like a way to push people's buttons.

It kind of reminds me of that movie, "Fight Club", when Tyler Durden gives his students a "homework assignment", to intentionally pick a fight with someone, and then let that person win.

And then uncomfortable hilarity ensues. Ha! Ha! Of course it does, because it's just a movie.

Maybe that's just what this forum needs to make it more fun: homework assignments!


But instead of homework, we could call them, "Impossible Missions", just the old TV show, or the movies with the same title, with Tom Cruise in them.

It was always a voluntary assignment, as implied by the words, "if you choose to accept this mission..." And the stakes were always high. Failure implied death, or at very least, disavowal of, "any knowledge of your actions."


So I guess it was like the IMF team did not accept failure. Or more likely, they totally covered up and denied the fact they failed so much, and so often! Just like real government! Ha!

Although, come to think of it, Instructables does have something akin to Impossible Missions. They call them, "Contests"


It's kind of the same thing, but maybe without the element of danger and daring.

I mean the Contests here have plenty of positive incentives; i.e. bragging rights, and fabulous prizes, and of course, the thrill of building things only previously dreamed about!

But where are the negative incentives, the reasons to work harder for fear of failure? Or Dishonor? Or the agonizing fear the terrorists at Instructables HQ are going to kill another hostage?


Does Instructables even take hostages? Pfft! What kind of self-respecting terrorists don't take hostages? I was thinking they did something like hostages, or slaves, except maybe they called them, "interns", or "resident artists", or something like that.

It is also rumored Instructables treats their prisoners kindly, and releases them on time, unharmed, when their sentences expire.


Reply 2 years ago

Well, if these days someone takes an offence in humor then something is wrong.
Fair enough religion might not be the ideal first post for a fun thread but I thought I might encourage people to post more.

A homework section I already suggested a few years back as joke.
Remember the times when we used to get 3 or 4 almost identical requests within a week? LOL

I gave up on contests a long time ago as it seems I always totally miss the point while entries that I see as totally off topic are declared winners.
And yes, I would post quite a few Ibles if it would be as easy and intuitive as it should be.
Right now I only see restrictions and workaround.
Hence the need for more fun around here I guess :(

It also seems you did not get some of the really good prices yet.
I glued this paper thing together that should be an Instructables robot car.
The damn thing just drove off and never came back :(
And that paper notebook!?
Even if I used the supplied pencil instead of my own I can not paste a single picture.
Must be a bug....