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K'NEX ARX-160 Steel Bite Answered

Hey guys, I'm back!

I just thought I'd drop by and give you some pics of my newest K'NEX gun, the ARX-160 - Steel Bite from Advanced Warfare! Let me know what you guys think! I'll hopefully have it ready to go by next Tuesday!

-The Red Book of Westmarch



4 years ago

Looking sweet as always. Wish I had this variant in game. I get pretty crappy supply derps.

Thanks man! Yeah, I don't own the game, but I've been watching a ton of Ali-A recently, so I was enticed by the gun's looks. LOL, supply derps.

Eh, it's not as fun as I expected. Like, it was interesting to start with, but then the craziness got to me. There's no real map flow, no predictability, and the weapon balance is terrible. You need the Steel Bite or Hole Puncher variant of the ARX for it to be at all viable. And worst off, the supply derps are entirely random but I feel like whatever algorithm they're using just loves to torture some while rewarding others. I haven't gotten a single good variant yet, but I get multiple ones for one of the crappier weapons.

Anywho, I really hope we get another WWII CoD again. There are so many interesting weapons made during the period that I'd like to see. Maybe you'd like to try your hand at making K'nex versions?