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K'NEX Concepts: Post Yours Answered

Hello K'NEX Community,

I am creating this forum topic for people to post their K'NEX concepts and ideas, both new and old, so that others can build upon them and/or put them into use. So if you have an idea, and you want to share it, or have someone work on it more, then this is the place to post it. I hope that this helps to spark some innovation in the K'NEX community, and gives people some fresh, new ideas.

-The Knex Inventor


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4 years ago

The following is quite literally copied and pasted from another of The Knex Inventor's forum topics, but seeing that this hasn't been posted in yet and that the comment fits well into this conversation (or lack thereof lol), I figured I'd post it here:

I have lots, and of course, they are all guns. I would be working on these myself, but I am currently thousands of miles away from my K'nex, so until I get back maybe you can try these out. The majority of them utilize mechanisms used in my other guns, so I will link them where necessary. I apologize if it may seem spammy, that is truly not my intention.

1. Pump-action sling repeater: I can't believe we haven't seen a legitimate one of these by now. I think that the best pump for this sort of gun would be the type seen in this gun, since it is rather unobtrusive towards any internals you might want to include. And be creative with this! Take the rail idea for the pump for example, and try to inverse it. By this I mean instead of using the blue half-joints on the pump, use them on the gun. And instead of connecting gray spacers to them, try to use orange connectors. This way, they can connect along the length of the gun, making the rail very strudy. There are several ways you could do this, and it would keep the whole gun 5 or maybe 6 layers thick.

2. Conversion of this gun into a sling-repeater. It already has what is in effect a functioning bullet transfer system, which elevates the bullet with the pull of the trigger. I imagine the band catch (ratchet or otherwise, ratchets tend to take up space) directly behind the bullet, released by a button that, when pushed up, becomes flush with the upper barrel. So, as the bullet is pushed up, into the barrel, it also pushed up this button, releasing the ratchet, and letting the bullet fly. A slide could be incorporated into this system, however would only serve to pull the rubber band back, as it does not need to serve to chamber the round.

3. You know those black (sometimes translucent yellow or oranfe) half-ball/cylinder things that are connected by a green rod? We need to start using these as ammo. They would work well in magazines, any bullet isolation system, and we could even incorporate a sort of hop-up system to put back-spin on them to keep them in the air longer. There is a lot of potential there, I think.

4. TD's rotary magazine and platform. This beauty is, in my opinion, the pinnacle of k'nex magazines. I think the gun itself could be improved, though with a better bullet-transfer system, maybe like the one seen here, which was extremely efficient.

5. Jointed-arm crossbow. Essentially, we have two fixed cross-bow arms and two jointed arms, connected by a joint where the fixed arms meet the bow. At the end of the fixed arms are pulleys to guide rubber-bands that are pulling the jointed arms to the fixed ones. The result would be a bit like this, however the jointed arms would be only one layer thick to allow for maximum lightness. A string would then be used in place of a rubber band to directly contact whatever it is you are accelerating.

6. The most basic of rail systems: Rail systems are great because they allow the ram unlimited legth to accelerate. Thus they have a lot of power potential. However most of these rams are big, heavy, and experience a lot of friction with the rail. So, I propose a ram that consists of a single connector and a gren rod through the hole in the middle to guide it. Other takes on this are welcome of course, but the point is that the rams in most rail systems need to be much smaller and lighter.

Hope you find something in there that you can mess around with, and remember: even the most ridiculous ideas have some bit of gold in them. Can't wait to see what you make.

The Knex Inventor
The Knex Inventor

Reply 4 years ago

Thanks for posting this, even if it is copied and pasted.