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KNEX Ideas Wanted! Answered

So it's been a while but I want to post some more stuff here and I would like to get some ideas. I know this has been done a million time but I need a few ideas to get my brain running!

And the funny thing is that I have some ideas but I never got around to them so I will put them down here to see what you guys can do!

Cryptex I have tried this many times but I have never figured it out.

Ball machine in a tree I just don't have the parts but it would be super cool!

Modular marble run I may try this my self! See if you can beat me to it!  

Don't ask about the picture  I just like it.



3 years ago

Nice that you want to build again. I am working on a slamfire gun. I have the mech worked out in my head, and partially in K'nex.

CorgiCrittersonic broom

Reply 3 years ago

TD would thank you. I have it working. It shoots 50 feet with one band. I need to pretty it up and post. :D