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K'NEX LIM Launcher Answered

I heard from sscoasters.net that someone made a Magnet brake. Now I wonder if you can make a LIM launcher and some people said that you need electronic magnets that turn on and off the launching machine. I was hoping to find some information for a simple thing like this. Maybe someone can make a Electric Magnet from house materials.



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11 years ago

When we had to build some sort of robot for school, we used some spools from little relais to make an electromagnet. Though, I don't think you could a whole bunch of relais to demolish.

Maybe you can find a bunch of little spools at an electronics store. Along with some circuit boards (like Velleman) to control all the different electromagnets.

But you should also know that spools are a tricky thing. When u put a certain voltage on it, they'll keep the current away. (The current has to build up in a bit of time, depending on the size of the spool). And when you take away the power source/ voltage, the spool will generate a current that can be realy high if there's little resistance in the circuit. (At our robot we made sparks when we detached the batteries, we tried measuring the voltage and we got up to 90V from the elektromagnet whilst it only received 12V)