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K'NEX M14 / T44 Answered

Hey guys! Well, here is my most recent replica, the M14 (T44). It is, by far, one of my favorite rifle types, as is seen by that fact that it is my third attempt at this rifle type (M14/M21).

This gun turned out better than I had expected... even though it was originally intended to be a M21. I am still working on the conversion process, but as it stand now, it is a M14/T44. With its 20 rd. magazine, sturdy body and stock, nice sight set, and improved stock, this thing is probably one of my best guns, when it comes to my replicas at least.

  • It looks just like a M14/T44
  • Good range: 40 - 70 ft.
  • Magazine lock included
  • Sturdy body and stock
  • Large capacity magazine (if you use rods) 20 -30
  • Really comfortable
  • Great pin-pull
  • Can be easily modded into a M21, just slap a scope on it

Enjoy, and tell me what you think.

-The Red Book of Westmarch


dr. richtofen

5 years ago

It looks a lot like your previous M14 (well, I don't say?). But you really nailed the handle, front barrel end part and back sight area on this one.
Good job!

To be brutally honest, there is little to no similarity between my old M14 and this one (see pics below,) other than, of course, the basic M14 shape.

Thanks bro, I am glad you like it. I just got a scope mounted to it, so now it is a real M21. I'll post it before Christmas, hopefully. =D

DSC00650.JPGDSC00664.JPGM14 V.1.jpg
dr. richtofenFlyingFish10

Reply 5 years ago

It takes a bit of time to get used to it, but that kind of metal gets pretty addicting when you start to appreciate it :3

Did I say that I clicked the link? XD, 'cause I did not, but I do like some death metal... But some of it is really just guys shouting and slamming on their guitars.... really.

Death metal is cool yo.
And sometimes, some guys shouting (even though that's closer to hardcore punk :p ) and slamming on guitar and or drums is just really the perfect thing to listen, if in the right mood :)

Ah, interesting.... to say the least. =D

Yeah, you got me, I was only pointing out that there is not much similar... K'NEX wise anywho.

Again with the "yay?"

I understand.
And yay ( ;) ) you like slam death :3
As I replied to FlyingFish, this music can have an addicting effect (at least, to me :3 )

And yay, because yay. I like that word, it's a nice word.

Thanks man, I am glad you like it. I can agree, I am not a big fan of huge rifles, but when you hold this one, its not that big... at least, I don't think it is. Does this shoot rods? It can, yes, but I usually shoot connecters. As usual. =D And thanks bro, again, I am glad you like it.