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K'NEX Magpul Masada ACR V.3 Answered

Hey guys! One of my favorite Instructables of all time would have to be my previous Magpul Masada ACR. I really just loved how it looked, how if felt, etc. So, after all this time (and after not a few request) I decided to rebuild it, and give it all the experience I now have (that I did not have back in January of 2013).

This version (now version 3) has a bunch of new stuff, such as:

- New stock (adapted from my gun Reliable)
- New (better) mechanism
- New flip-up sights
- New lower receiver (adapted from my AAC Honey Badger) 

Overall, it is a great improvement, and I can't wait to finish and post it.

Tell me what you guys think!


-The Red Book of Westmarch



5 years ago

Wow another stunning AR! O=

So.... post?

Thanks bro, I'm glad you like it. As soon as I finish, I'll be sure to post a preview... As to a full set of instructions, I don't know...

Sweet! Another gun on my build list!

I kind of wish I didn't have so many ideas all the time so I could start building guns on my to build list, but I'm always thinking of new ideas so one of these times I'll take a break and start on my list.

Yeah, I can relate. After all, I am required to get a job this summer, on top of that I have school that I need to do all summer, so I have a feeling that I won't be posting so much... sadly.

Well it's something you will need in the future. For me, my parents told me I couldn't buy a car until I get a job. I was very motivated after that XD but it made sense, I couldn't pay for gas for it without making money or pay back borrowed money for it.

Overall you get use to working and school.

It's just a part of life, granted if you're like me, I wouldn't mind making enough money from building stuff out of knex to not need a job, but that is probably not going to happen =P. I was considering making Knex instruction E-books and selling them, but I don't know a site I could make an E-book on, and I like sharing here...

Yeah, that is very true. I guess I still need to wrap my head around the whole idea. Its not like I am afraid of people or anything, I just don't fancy the idea. Yeah, that would be a dream ("granted if you're like me, I wouldn't mind making enough money from building stuff out of knex to not need a job"), but it is probably an impossibility. D=

Not really, a couple people have asked me if I sell instructions. So I was kind of thinking making an e-book of random projects with instructions. Just need to find a site to make an e-book that will give me some of the profit.

Well, the making of the e-book is the easy part, all you have to do is make a Word document and save it as a PDF, then make an Amazon account and sell it that way. I believe that if your cost is above $0.99 and below $10.00, they will give you 100% of the profits.

Well not yet. I've got to put something together first! The hard part is obviously not sharing them here but, I could use another source of income. Also you can tell I'm planning a whole second set of projects just for the book.