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K'NEX PMR-30 V.1 Answered

Hey guys! Well, it has been a while since I have made a pistol (yes, I know, I just posted my FN Five-Seven 'ible, but I had taken those pictures a long time ago), so I decided to make a gun I saw in my March 2014 issue of Guns and Ammo Magazine, the Kel Tec PMR0-30

The original shoots .22 Magnum, has a 30 + 1 magazine capacity, and only costs about $415.00 U.S. dollars. Mine shoots tan/blue clips/connectors, has a 10 - 13 +1 magazine capacity, and only uses about 100 - 150 pieces. I have yet to fire the thing, so this forum topic is just to gauge what you guys think about it.

Credit: Most the the handle/grip comes from Blue Mullet 2'sPistole Makarov. Everything else is pretty much original.

- Only 8 in. long
- 10 - 13 +1 magazine capacity (this can be easily increased)
- Nice setup overall
- Semi-comfortable handle/grip
- Nice sight set (I forgot to take a pic of them)
- Easily modifiable

Well, that is all the time I have to write for right now, I got lunch calling my name!


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I'm choosing no the finish this gun, so here are the last two pics I intend on providing:


5 years ago

Gee, this is awesome. I totally forgot to comment on this :P. Also, that is a dad-gum phone which gives you so good quality pics. My iPod gives 5mp pics only, so they kinda suck.

Thanks man, I'm glad you like it! Yeah, its a really nice phone (its a Droid 3). I am glad I own one, it makes it so easy to take pics when I want. =D (as opposed having to wait to use my mom's camera, which I was doing for the longest time).

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I lige it is how I pronounce I like it
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5 years ago

that is some ridiculously good photo editing skill!

Well, not really. At least, there is no skill on my part. I used my Droid to take those pictures, and the camera has a setting on it that allows me to take pics like that. I assume you are talking about the first pic?

He was being sarcastic. Because it looks like you just used a negative filter. Still fun nonetheless. One of my favorites I found on my phone is one that makes everything look like a color drawing.


5 years ago

Looks really similair to BMs.. and the rest looks pretty generic.. but I still l like it..

Over my Welrods? I don't agree, old man (that is a term of friendship, I don't mean it to be offisive. I read a lot of old english books, and saying things like "old chap" and "bucko" come as second nature to me).