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Kayak customizing suggestions wanted for recreational bare-bones 10 ft. sit inside boat. Answered

This new kayak has a seat, foot pegs, and cup holder. I would like ideas for installing a glove compartment container (similar to what a car has) inside of boat to hold personal protection items carried during my nature paddles on calm lakes & rivers. I have purchased a deck rigging kit, but have not decided on layout yet. What ingenious suggestions do YOU have?



10 years ago

I got a box that says it is water resistant I think it is made by plano and is for boating and what not.
I cut a hole in the back of my kayak (plastic pelican 8') and used wood and silicon to make the two meet.
I then screwed the wood to the boat and the box to the wood.
It has worked really well and holds alot. I also don't have to fit with hatch latches as this just has a toolbox latch to it.
the only time it has ever gotten water in it was when I completely rolled the kayak and it was upside down for about ten minutes.
I use the box to store a first aid kit and my anchor.
If you are interested in pictures of all of this send me a message after the 20th. I won't be near the boat until then.


10 years ago

Just make sure where ever you put it you can still get inside easily and out of it easily even in an emergency.