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Keller Read30 and a RS485 to USB Answered

Hello everyone! 
I have a lil' project with some pressure sensors and I'm using a RS485 to USB (http://img.dxcdn.com/productimages/sku_296620_1.jpg) for data aqcuiring and Read30 for the sampling.

The problem is, Read30 doesn't recognize the device, specifically the RS 485-USB, previously I tried with other connectors and the program had no fails. The PC recognizes perfectly the device, I put it in the correct COM port but the program simply doesn't want to recognize.

Is there any problem with the device, the program or the drivers?


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4 years ago

You may have a damaged device.

When you use the next one try to have it wired and touch your sensor ground to the PC metal frame just before plugging it in to the USB port...

Static electric charge can build up and when hot connected it can blow a semi chip...