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Keyboard With On-Board Text Storage Answered

Here's a thing I want, but have no idea how to build:


It doesn't care about computers!
It save to itself!
It's portable!

There must be some way to build a keyboard that, once you turn it on, saves whatever inputs are typed to a plain text file on a thumb drive or SD card.

Ideally, there'd be an on-off switch. When it's on, it's "recording" all inputs.

Then you simply pull out the storage unit, plug that into a computer, and have your raw text.

Any thoughts on how to pursue creating something like this?


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4 years ago

Years ago you could already buy "smart" typewriters.
We had some in the company I worked for.
Tiny LCD screen in the top that was able to show 5 lines of text on a normal A4 page.
Once done typing it was either saved on a SD card (slot was included) or printed directly.
I guess with a bit of looking around youshould be able to source one of them.

On the other hand, every little Android or IOS device now offers support for wired or wireless keyboards.
I would maybe just get a small tablet with OpenOffice on it anddock it to a keyboard with touchpad.


4 years ago

Take any Leonardo class or better (has support for keyboards) Arduino board with a SD card shield, a battery pack and maybe add a small LCD alphanumeric display to create your independent keyboard. You are essentially just datalogging your keyboard presses and recording them on your SD card. I think there is an Adafruit Feather Datalogger board that you can use. Good luck.