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Keyboard input and display output device using simple micro controllers such as an AVR or Arduino Answered

I am interested in making a device that seems somewhat simple in my mind but getting a start on it is a challenge in itself. What I would like to do is have a device that uses maybe an Atmel AVR of some sort or even an Arduino that takes an input from an integrated keyboard circuit and displays it on an lcd. To keep things simple I do not intend for the device to have any powerful features. I simply want it to display the text I input on the keyboard. I would also prefer for it to be portable and not dependent on a computer for power. The keyboard doesn't have to be a full one either. A simple number pad can also work. I am willing to do as much suggested research that my time allows and really appreciate any help. Thanks!!!



3 years ago

Most Arduino, Picaxe Raspberry pi and the like can do this if your willing to write the programe.