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Kids' Magic Tricks Answered


I'm a recently retired Magician/Ventriloquist, now focussing on assisting young magicians and beginners on the road to greatness.
In my Instructables, I'll be presenting videos on how a trick looks, as well as how the trick works.
We'll be concentrating on easy to do magic with simple items, so there'll be no need to purchase expensive magical gear.

I welcome your questions, thoughts and suggestions. The aim is to provide as much advice and information as you need. Whether you're beginner or advanced, please feel comfortable to contact me with your problem, good news or just for a chat.

I also welcome parents of interested youngsters to contact me for any advice or information that may be required. My sole ambition is to provide help where needed, to progress magicians along their chosen path.

Further detail on who I am and what I do can be found at:  http://bobedazzler.wixsite.com/learnmagicsecrets


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6 years ago


keep it going

......and ya all the best