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KinectV2 stops working with KinectFusion (URGENT!) Answered

I asked someone  and he said:"If I'm not mistaken, the Kinect scanner has a fairly low maximum polygon limit. Maybe you're running out and it's stalling?"

so how can I get the polygon count higher? everyone seems to do it easily, but mine stops working after the initial scan.


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4 years ago

And posting this twice with no relevant info certainly will make sure you get the right answer fast....


Reply 4 years ago

Like Downunder35m says, some more info would certainly go a long to getting the right answer, let me try to fill in the blanks with some guesswork...

You are using the XBox Kinect sensor to 3d scan an object to create a 3d model?

The scan is starting but stalling? Have you ever completed a scan before or is this a first attempt?

If the polygon limit is the issue this would probably be set in the KinectFusion SDK (but I'm not that familiar with it so can't help more than that, but Google is your friend there!). Worth questioning whether you are hitting a soft limit (i.e. software setting as above) or a hard limit (i.e. not enough RAM in your computer to process the scan).

Also worth consulting the MSDN forums for Kinect here:


On another note, the Kinect scanner doesn't like bright/direct sunlight, so check your lighting set-up.