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Kirlian Aura Kamera For Sale - Aura Photography! Answered

WOW!  This is an original working 1997 Kirlian Aura Kamera by Triune-Being Research Org out of Canada.  It uses high voltage to generate an aura on a photo plate which transfers the image to Polaroid film.  Everything works...I have the instruction manual and both parts - the generator and photo box.

Specs: 10KV to 50KV, 500 KHz adjustable generator
Photo Plate with black sleeve and Polaroid Housing for Type 889, Polacolor 100 or 100 Pro Film

$60 or Best Offer - over 21 only, I prefer local pick-up in Oakland, CA.  The unit used to be used at events and with current (no pun intended) insurance rules this device is not appropriate any longer and has been replaced by digital photography.


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