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Kitchen: under cabinet lights wire to range hood light Answered

I just removed some halogen puck size under the cabinet lights in our kitchen.  They worked but required to plugged in. Unsightly and I lost an outlet in a high demand spot.  I guess I could start putting holes in the wall and attempt to wire it to the outlet but the damn things don't have an on off switch just plug them in and they are on.  Stupid (they predate my living there). 

I did find some nice LED battery powered units that work fabulously for ME.  My wife on the other hand turns them on and then walks off.  Fresh batteries in the morning and dead batteries at night.  Fortunately the one we use the most is rechareable.

Here's what I'd like to do but I'm rubbish with electricity and lighting so need someone smarter to tell me how.

I want to put LED lights under the cabinets for additional countertop lighting.  I'd like to have them wired into the light in the range hood and controlled by the switch that controls the light inside the hood.  Turn on the hood range light and the LED lights come on too.  It seems simple to me but many things have and not turned out that way.  I assume some sort of transformer would have to be mounted somewhere unless they came built into the base unit.   I'd be open to florescent lighting if it makes it easier.

I haven't seen this instructible on the site.  If it is thanks for reading, please disregard and point me in the right direction.  I have the hardest time sometimes trying to find something specific for some reason.




3 years ago

Do yourself a big favour and buy some LED puck lights for mains usage.
They usually come in a pack of 3 or 5 with a transformer and simple plugs for the connections.
Screw on or glue on is possible.
Plug the lights together to see what the max distance is you can use them on, mark the spots you prefer.
Mount the lights.
Open the rangehood and find a suitable empty space for the transformer.
In auto shops or hardware stores you get connectors that are pressed onto both cables - the one that has power and the one you want to connect - press them hard together with some pliers.
Locate the two wires for the lamp and connect the transformer wires with those press connectors.
Plug in your lights and turn the rangehodd on - enjoy light where and when you need it most ;)


Reply 3 years ago

Thanks for the info. I guess I was more worried about the existing wires in the hood carrying too much load.