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Kiteman Challenge Answered

Sorry folks, due to problems out of Kiteman's control, he cannot publish the full details of the International Challenge at the moment.

However, if you are waiting to see what you need to Make to enter, I can reveal that it needs to be something with a (very) vaguely "international" theme, whether that is the cuisine of another country, a device to make foreign travel more bearable, or some other Make you can fit into the definition or concept of "international".

Prizes will be:

> One first prize of a full 12 month pro membership
> One second prize of a six month membership
> Two runners-up of single 3-month memberships.
> Various patches

Entrance will be open to all members, regardless of location, but there will be special restrictions regarding the prizes.

Please remember that this is not an official Instructables contest, Kiteman is running it as a private individual, so it is not bound by the site's current contest rules.



8 years ago

The challenge is now ON.

Thanks, Scoochmaroo for posting this, and thanks to everybody else for their patience.


8 years ago

If the rule still stands that a USA winner would need to donate any "prize" won to a worthy individual, that still means we can enter, correct (but then, I suppose there may be a small bias? Even with the prize going to someone "over there"? Nah, unthinkable, right? ;-)  

I can actually think of quite a few "worthy" individuals....it would be difficult to decide... 


8 years ago

I heard rumours that the first prize also included a hand drawn felt tip pen Kiteman cartoon, signed and inked by Kiteman himself.

True or false?