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Kiteman Recommends: Punk IPA Answered

I just came across a beer (bought in Tesco) from a brewery that is new to me, but I'm definitely going to keep an eye on.

The beer is Punk IPA: Post Modern Classic Pale Ale, from the BrewDog brewery in Fraserburgh, Scotland. A fresh, clean beer, with an ABV of 6%, it's an easy drinker.

According to their website, they have a range of beers, mainly ales and stouts, but with one pilsner as well. They are all modern, pure-ingredient takes on classic brews.

I'm not a beer expert, but I am a beer snob. Based on this IPA, and the brewers' Maker attitude, I plan on making BrewDog a regular presence in my beer stocks.

Even better news for our resident brewers (Lemonie and moaner70 to name two), they have a vacancy - if you have it in you, and can commute to Scotland, They are looking for a new brewer.



10 years ago

BrewDog eh? Yeah I think I may have tasted theirs before, some good stuff.
Had a pint of Mr Whitehead's Newton's Discovery today, very dry but super flavour.
(no I'm not moving to Scotland)



10 years ago

Haha, nice! Previously I heard that BrewDog were having a hard time getting local support for their beer. It's great they've manages to get into Tesco!