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Hey everyone. Just giving you a heads up. I'm not dead, just slightly inactive. I do get on once in a while and look at what's new, but I don't build too much anymore. I still build, but its a slower process. I just graduated high school so I've been looking for jobs and what not. Anyways, I'm mainly getting my point across that I have not left this wonderful community, just production is slow due to life. I'll try to post updates soon, but again, slow process. Thanks to everyone who subscribed, looks at my posts, comments, all that good stuff, I love this community, and I love all you guys. Again thank you so much for everything, and I'll see you guys around!





5 years ago

Good to hear someone else figured out it's perfectly possible to still K'nex when you're older, even if you barely have time to.


Reply 5 years ago

You're never too old for K'nex. While people may look at you weird, all you have to do is shoot them with a few K'nex guns and things are all good. ;)