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Knex BAW review. Answered

this is the dunkises BAW review.

comfort: 9/10 - excellent comfort, pitty theres no foregrip.
power: 6/10 - its got ok power, remember, its for close range.
looks: 9/10 - it looks pretty cool.
innovation: 9/10 - you can put magazines in the stock and the trigger is pretty cool.
accuracy: 5/10 - not so great accuracy, remember, its for close range.
piece usage: 8/10 - doesnt use tonnes of pieces, depends on how much knex you have.
strenght: 7/10 - when you have no magazines inserted into the gun its a tad bit wobbly, nothing huge though.
reliability: 6/10 - you may have to change the trigger a bit to get it to work and sometimes the mag falls out of the chamber.

overall: 59/80 - its a great gun from the dunkis, but requires skill to make it.



8 years ago

Ive built it before. Its wicked