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Knex Combat/War Worthy Shotgun - A Tribute Answered

Hello everyone, 

So, out of the blue I decided to take a walk down memory lane and watch some old K'nex gun videos on YouTube. After some time, I came across a video from several years ago. I'll link the original below, but basically it was a video by KILLERK about wanting to build a more war-worthy shotgun. There were a couple of these videos where he basically talked about what he wanted to have on this gun. At the time, I didn't see a video or any post on a finish product, so I decided to build it myself based upon his wants. 

Note this gun is unfinished as I just wanted to show it off. However, it will be completely finished, and if there is a demand I will make instructions for it.

The following are the guns features, along with its characteristics:
-Pin guide
-Charging bolt
-Straight-pullback rolling trigger
-Comfy stock
-Comfy handle
-Trigger guard
-Finger separator 
-Sturdy construction
-No broken parts (None are required) 
-Good ergonomics
-Looks nice/clean
-Shotgun turret, with KILLERK's shells
-Because of the design, trigger strength, and shell design, the gun is very powerful
-Good spread of bullets, thanks to the shell

Now for something a little more personal. Personally,I think it is the best gun I have ever made. I wanted to make one last gun that revived old concepts as sort of a thank you to the community that I've been on since 2011. This community has been a considerable part of my life, as I used to spend a lot of timing playing with these plastic toys. With leaving for college in a month, I don't see myself really building anymore, not to mention posting anything new. The post I make for this gun will be my last K'nex related post. However, like most, I'll still lurk around. 

KILLERK's video

Thank you to all. 




1 year ago

Interesting take on the concept. I do think that shotguns are the future of war weapons since, well, K'nex just aren't accurate and all that great at range anyway, it'd make more sense to focus on spread to up hit probability (a concept that even the US military investigated in the 70s-80s I believe). To that effect, I think rate of fire and amount of pieces fired are more important than range. I imagine a pump weapon with large ammo capacity and easy reloading would serve better than a turret-based shotgun, but eh wouldn't be the first time Killerk and I differed on opinions.

Anywho, at least keep your K'nex around. I don't think anyone will truly give up on the hobby entirely. I went through college still building every now and then and even now, though I do it so sparingly, I still check in from time to time and get a little motivation to try a concept out.


Reply 11 months ago

Yeah, I don't plan to. It is worth keeping them around for sure.

The Knex Inventor

1 year ago

Looks like a great gun! I hope that you decide to post instructions when it is complete, I would certainly build it.


1 year ago

Not sure why the uploader rotated these images. Not sure how to change that, if you have any questions, please leave a comment.