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K'nex Flux Answered

Hello everybody! I'm here to tell you about a website I recently joined, created by Sorunome, which is amazing! It's a forum for k'nex called KnexFlux. You can make instructions, like Instructables, or even import from Instructables. You can ask for help with your builds, ask for suggestions with your builds, look for ideas for builds, post progress with your builds, and much more! Basically, anything k'nex related is allowed there and it's much more useful than Instructables. I'm not saying we should all quit Instructables, I'm just trying to raise a lot more awareness of this amazing website. Sorunome tells me it's taptalk compatible too, so you can browse it with ease from your phone/tablet!

Here it is: http://knexflux.net/


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.