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Knex Gun Full Auto New Mech : VGN 013 . Answered

Hello !

So this is my new K'nex gun , a bolt action gun , with a full auto mechanism and a new design . Here you have just a draw of the mech and the design because I need a new SD card for take picture ... The gun are very compact and small , the handle is ok nd the trigger is very simple . Before the VGN 013 , there is the VGN 012 , a simple gun with a great mag , the same design and a good trigger . After my other guns in constructions : a full auto sniper with the mech of Oblivius and a machine gun with a true trigger , I will create the VGN 014 , a semi auto gun , but now I have only finish the fully auto sniper ...

See you my next gun ,

- Guiguivinvin -


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8 years ago

Er ... You want to build my gun ? Why not , if you want !