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Knex Gun: Infinity Answered

Hey guys, sorry about the delay. I've been really busy with school, since I'm a senior, gotta keep working and getting good grades and what not. Anyways, I have the pictures for the Ible ready, just need to upload em.  Just give me a little more time. Thanks for always being there, and supporting me!


P.S: There has been several modifications since the video, they will be in the Ible, and I warn you, it is not an easy build, and it requires quite a lot of pieces.



I really can't wait bro! It looks so boss. I don't know if you have a moment to reply, but what do you think of my M249 SAW? I would really like to hear your feedback. =D


Looks good, but I see a little sag in the front, maybe its too long? I don't know, because I haven't seen the original. But overall, looks good. Just towards the end of the barrel looks a little awkward. But good job!

Thanks. Yeah, I tampered a little with the barrel, it does not bend so much any more. Thanks bro. I hope to see you posting more soon!