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K'nex Gun Review - RBLTR V.1 (Red's Breach Loading Tactical Rifle) Answered

Hello All

This is a review on 'RBLTR V.1 (Red's Breach Loading Tactical Rifle)'.

The RBLTR V.1 was published on the 1st of July 2013, and is considered by red himself to be his most powerful K'nex gun he has ever built. After building the gun and seeing the internals, it uses a pin pull mech and they look very similar to the G36C mech.

There are many nice features to this gun that makes it original like the comfort bar and the sights. The gun shoots yellow rods to anyone wondering.


Range 10/10 - The range of the gun is rather high than an average gun. I managed to get 50ft accurately and around 80- 90 ft at an angle. It it described that the gun can reach ranges up to 70ft in the original description so I think 70ft is a fair judgement. As I managed to get 80ft plus,  I think the rating is 10/10.

Appearance/ Looks 8/10 - The gun at first sight looks pretty hardcore although this does not really matter, I personally liked the comfort bar and the sights. The gun has a solid build so I think around a 8/10.

Internals 8/10 - The internals within the gun are rather good, although I have had a few jams so I think 8/10.

Broken Pieces 9/10 - The gun does not use any broken pieces however in some places the performance of the gun will exceed if broken pieces are used. That having been said I think a 9/10.

Comfort 10/10 - I admire the gun mainly for its comfort of the handle. This helps to make the gun more accurate while aiming therefore a 10/10 without a doubt.

Rate of Fire 6/10 - The ROF on this gun is quite good. When reloading this gun it did not take too long but their has been a lot more quicker and so I think a 6/10.

Sturdiness/Durability 8/10 - The gun is put together well as I said earlier and I find it firm. When building this and adding the comfort bar is seemed that it was weak but as I added to it, it strengthened. Although the permanent fore-grip is rather weak in my opinion and could be stronger so I think a 8/10.

Overall - 59/70 - This gun overall is awesome and I would recommend to build it! Also keep in mind that this is my ratings and opinions of the gun.

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I hope you have enjoyed the review!

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Well, take my K'NEX gun Slinghammer, if you were to load a round that is too long (i.e. a connecter with a grey rod, a red rod, and, sometimes, a yellow rod) into the "loading bay" the bands would catch the tip of the round, but because of how fast the bands are moving, the rod (i.e. the back end) end of the round would fly upwards catching in the rubber bands, and, thus, not shooting out the barrel. Not human error, K'NEX gun jam.


5 years ago

Why should that be a criteria if it isn't possible with a single shot? That's like rating a car 10/10 for fifth wheel failures.

Probably should start making better trigger mechanisms or front ends if you can make a single shot jam......

True, but there are cases in which the bullet might not launch, things like that.


5 years ago

"Broken pieces" shouldn't be a score from 1-10. It either uses them or it doesn't.

I think that he meant that it does not use a lot. If it did (use a lot of broken pieces), one would give it a 1 or a 2, if it only used a few, one would give it a 5 or a 6, if it used none at all, one would give it a 10. See?


Reply 5 years ago

I meant that if it used a countless amount of broken pieces, it would be a 1/10 or if it used a few maybe a 5 or 6 if 1 or 2, 8/10 and of course if it used none at all, then a 10/10.