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Knex Sniper Rifle Answered

 this is a cool sniper that i made please note that the Stock, Handle and Scope was made my BestKnex from Youtube

I will get pics as soon as i steal the camera from my bro XD

Looks good (kinda)
Range: 30 - 70 Ft
easy to reload
Since the block trigger is on the Grip, you cannot dual wield the sniper
A bit flimsy on the stock
Its light
no true trigger

Note: if your wondering how long this took me (which i bet u dont care) well it took me about 100 minutes ( an hour and 40 minutes)

Updates: well i got a Pic and do u think it kinda looks like a Battle Rifle, cuz i dont want it to be


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10 years ago

THIS TOOK 100 MINUTES?! i could make it in 8mins

SonicX 22
SonicX 22

Reply 10 years ago

simple, i have like 12 containers stuffed full of Knex so its hard to find pieces, also if you build it and post it on the site, i dont really care since i took it apart