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Knex full auto mech.???? Answered

i am looking for a gun to mod but is full auto
all the other guns i see either have a rotating bolt mech or a knex motor.

PPPPPPLLLLLLSSSSSS if u have an idea share it with me

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Best Answer 5 years ago

Full auto won't work without some sort of motor or crank system. Semi auto and full auto weapons use the pressurized gas created by the bullet's gun powder to clear the chamber, load the next round and cock the firing pin back for the next shot. A Knex gun has no way to load the next round and cock the gun for the next shot without outside mechanical help of one form or another.

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Answer 5 years ago

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I already know how the classic full auto mech works

But i do belive that there is a sort of knex mechanizm that would fire not by letting out all the bullets at once but in a rythm.

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4 years ago

You could make a chain in the inside of the gun, it could have a connector protruding out that catches the bullet, and fires it. The power would come from the chain also being on the outside, and it would wind up using bands