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Knex gun ideas Answered

Knex Gun Ideas

Hello fellow Knexers, I have some ideas and concepts that I have been thinking about and I would like to share them with you all.  Please give me credit if you use any of these ideas of mine.  Also please send me pictures if you are able to create any of these ideas so that we can all help to advance the Knex community.  I know that some of you may have thought of  ideas kind of  like this, so please don't get all bent out of shape that I stole one of your ideas.

And please give me your feedback and and ideas in the comments below.

1 Horizontal Knex Oodammo mag
    This is an idea that I came up with the other day ago, it could either be on the top or the bottom of
    the gun.  First there would be a rail that holds the ammo on top and pushes it down a ramp and then
    it falls in front of the FP  and is shot out.  This may have an advantage because then you don't have a                
    large mag sticking out of the bottom of your gun.

2  Oodammo bull-pup
   I do not see a big advantage to this but maybe some one would like to try this,  Has any one tried         
   this before?

3 Rotating hammer action
  There would be 4 hammers attached to a cog and the hammers would spin around in a circular       
  motion and hit a new piece of ammo each time they spin around.  I don't think that you could get that   
  much power with this, but maybe it could be attached to a motor or it could be wound up and released  
  by the trigger.    

4 Knex magazine idea 
    I was watching some YouTube videos about Nerf guns and there was this one that I saw, is there a  
   way to make something like this out of Knex?  To load the gun you slide back the pullback and load      
   ammo though the top into the magazine, this is not a top loading mag but you feed the ammo into the  
   mag from the top and it is pushed up when you slide the pullback back over the top of the gun.
   Here is a link to a video about the gun so you get the idea of how it works

   I will be posting more new ideas here soon so come back often to see updates and more, and please subscribe and share your ideas    below so that we can advance the Knex community to the Next level of innovation, design, comfort and power!

   If you have a question or don't understand one of these ideas,  please just ask me below.

   Thanks for your ideas and feedback!!




4 years ago

The bullpup oodammo gun sounds very interesting. Might have to try that one of these days.


4 years ago

These are all interesting ideas which is good, but the oddammo ones are challenging. Oodammo requires the gun to be more then five layers to fit around it which also means the magazine be about that big. Not super conveinent, however maybe having them fed sideways so they are one layer wide may work, but then you would be losing capacity.

Again great ideas, but a little hard to pull off if your going for a traditional five layer knex gun.

sonic broomJonnyBGood

Reply 4 years ago

What do you think of the other ideas like the top loading concept or the rotating hammer action? i have a new idea that i will be posting here soon so please check back when you can i would really like some feedback on my new idea. And thanks for your feedback!

JonnyBGoodsonic broom

Reply 4 years ago

Okay now that I took some time to draw out the Hammer mechanism, I really like the idea. I'm sketching four hammer evenly spaced on a central drive axle. These hammer are all under tension from rubberbands so they are straight up and down. As the axle rotates the hammer catches a rod, built into the body of the gun, which pulls back the hammer. As the axle continues to rotate the hammer eventually is moved away from the rod which releases it forward and it hits the ammo.

Thus concept is cool, but I'm terrible at hammer mechanisms especially getting decent ranges with them so I'll let someone else mess with that.

Also the Nerf Magnus concept would be cool in applying it too knex. I may try it though.

sonic broomJonnyBGood

Reply 4 years ago

Thanks if you could send me some of the drawings to look at that would be great also if you make a Nerf Magnus concept please send me pictures! it would be great to see some prototypes to get some ideas flowing!