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Knex holster for Nerf Maverick Answered

We all know how incredibly cool the Nerf Maverick rev-6 is, and if not than research it a little bit online and you'll see. The dart blaster's got its own cult following, so why not an awesome Knex holster to match!?

It's comfortable, easy to assemble, and fits perfectly. It can probably be used with other toy guns as well but i designed this one with the Maverick particularly in mind.

My holster is different colors than the usual because I used pieces from a moon lander or a robot or something.

It attaches to pants by belt loop and by putting the rod in your front pocket, of course you can customize these two parts to fit your own pants better. I use a red rod so the holster angles forward a little but a gray rod would probably level it straight.

Grey rods = 10 (one gray = two yellow rods and a connector!)
Red rods = 3
Blue rods = 7
little Green rods = 4
Yellow connectors = 10
Green connector = 1
Red connectors = 8
Orange connectors = 12
light Gray dual connectors = 8
dark Gray uni connectors = 3
little Blue rings = 4


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11 years ago

should add a piece to keep it in, and does it stay if you run or jump, etc... and does it bounce and stuff, because that gets to be annoying.


Reply 11 years ago

ya, this doesn't hold when you run or jump, there might be a way to fix it though.


12 years ago

this is really cool ill make it for my MAV after i get it for x-mas


13 years ago

I would make this but my parents threw a party. The kids that came broke it so now it shoots 3ft :(