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Knotless way of tying a fish hook - how to animate it? Answered

Recently I went to "fishing expo".
Down here it is on some lake, freshly stocked with fish and on top of all the anglers you get stands with all sorts of fishing stuff to check out.
Weather was not to my liking so I stayed dry under the tends and had some smalltalk.

It was not long until I wanted to check some braided fishing line offered at one of the stands.
And with nothing bad on my mind I took one of the hooks to test the knot strenght.
The guys had a nice rig for it.
Little did I know about their teaching intentions, claiming that a lot of people have no clue how to properly deal with braided line.
Let's just say their way was way too complicated and time consuming for my liking.
On a rocky boat you want to be able to do things quick and easy.
It was a line rated for 25kg and with their best know on offer it lasted till 22kg until the line failed at the knot.
Asked if I could test my way as I would like to know how the line would perform and my wish was granted.
The line failed at 27kg and snapped quite some distance form the knot.....
Never mind the 25kg rating....

The fellow fisherman around as well as the guys selling the line wanted to know how I did my knot without actually making a knot.
What was easy out there tunred into a nightmare at home.
I tried my biggest hooks and a camera on the tripod but it is not giving me a detailed enough view of how the "knot" is done.
Now I could try to make a hook template from some aluminium round bar and use paracord or a thin rope....
Then I found a nice app for the phone that uses animations to teach knots.
Is there a simple way to create an animation showing a "rope" and a hook with the required details and motion?
Would love to share this way of attaching a hook to braided line in a way that is easy to understand and follow....


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