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Kotaku.com: Rumored Xbox 360 Spring Update List Answered

Update: BUSTED!

Microsoft has stated that there will be no Spring Update this year. BUT they are releasing a tool that will enable you to attach content you downloaded to any Xbox 360 (only one at a time). This is for people who bought something on Xbox Live Marketplace and their Xbox 360 got the three red lights of death, and got a different Xbox 360 back from repair.

This is currently a (busted) RUMOUR. Don't hold your breath.

Kotaku.com: Rumored Xbox 360 Spring Update Touts "Motion Sensor" Features, Game Installs

I personally don't really care about the motion sensing thing; the Wii sucks ass, and I already have Guitar Hero. I don't need another peripheral.

There is a list of all of the supposed new features on the Kotaku page; check that out for an in-depth look.


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