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Kodak disposable camera questions... Answered

Hello all,

I have many Kodak disposable cameras with flash , the ones with led indicator. I want to use them to charge a capacitor bank of 8 capacitors, all removed from the same type of camera. The questions are:

1) If I remove the flash lamp from PCB , the indicator led will still function correctly ?
2) What is the maximum voltage I could use for this circuit to function normally and not burn any transistor, led etc?

Thanks in advance.


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Best Answer 8 years ago

Yes you can remove the flash bulb and it will still charge the capacitor and the LED indicator will still work.

Depends on the circuit and what components it's using. You might be able to use 3V on it but i wouldn't take it any higher without knowing for sure the components can handle it.


Answer 8 years ago

My friend, thank you for your answer. Be well.