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Kodi or how much copyright protection is honoured these days... Answered

These days when people talk about watching the latest cinema releases or TV series that are not even avialable in their country they often don't mean downloads...
Sure, if you look around the web you will find a download for every movie or TV series currently out there but most people don't have the knowledge for it.
Then there is the illegal aspect of things which is a true concern for people trying to do the right thing.

But for quite a while now there is the Kodi media player out there.
What looks to be just another video and music player is currently the number one platform for all sorts of illegal access to video or audio material from all over the world.
For a while you could only download and install everything yourself, seeking info in some shady areas of the net.
Now you get detailed info to every single step with screenshots and all.
The biggest "joke" IMHO is that recently shops and retailers started selling Android TV boxes with Kodi already installed.
This would not be a problem either if the required plugins for illegal access would be missing....

So what do you think about the legal side effects?
A shops selling devices to illegally access copyright protected material and advertising it: Is this already against the law?
A customer who bought the thing without realising he is doing somthing illegal with it: Is the customer really to blame?

Out internet activities are an open book to the ISP and basically every law related organisation out there.
So please don't pretend to be shocked if one day you get a few DMCA notices served ;)


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