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Koi Cam- outdoor webcam for submersion in pond? Answered

I would love to try to build a webcam that I can submerge in my pond to transmit video of koi swimming in my pond.  My idea is to place a marker outside of my garden pond that someone can scan using Aurasma (augmented reality program for smartphones) and then show a live feed of an underwater camera of the fish swimming in the pond.  I thought about simply using a very cheap small usb camera, seal it in a clear waterproof case and run the wire outside the pond.  The problem is, I don't want to leave a computer (even a old one) outside running 24-7 to plug into and power source is a bit of an issue even though one outlet may be available.  I thought of  using a wireless or rechargeable webcam, but i don't want to have to pull it out of the pond constantly to recharge it and i don't think i can transmit far enough for my main computer's wifi to grab the video if it is underwater. 

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?  i am trying to do this super-cheap... so want to avoid any costly options...preferably less than $50.


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Answer 4 years ago

If you want to live stream, according to go-pro theirs does not do it


4 years ago

Best I can think of would be to take a normal videocam, like these cheap reversing cameras and to put it into an airtight enclosure.
Most reversing cams are fully sealed but not meant to be used under water for obvious reasons.
A short piece of acrylic piping should do the trick, seal on end and provide a screw fitting on the other end.
Seal the cables with a good amount of silicone and before closing all put a bag of silica gel inside the tube to take care of remaining moisture.
Since you only need the cam when activated a medium iszed solar panel and 12V battery should fix your power problem.