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L293d and extrnal battery issue !! Answered

My main problem here that i have a doubt that tinkercad can go someway wrong ! In this connection that i think is right , the l293d burns beacuse enable pin has higher voltage than powersupply pin or vc2 . But in conncection the 9v battery is with vc2 not the enable and the multimeter shows that , is there any thing can be wrong ?? (Enable is connected to arduino directly to send pwm values )



4 months ago

You should use a heatsink on these.
The 9V battery is far from ideal as well because it struggles to provide enough amps.
And if your motor exceeds what the 293 can provide then you get smoke as well.
Posting this twice is just confusing and is neither helping you nor those who try to help you ;)


4 months ago

The continuous output current of the L293D is ONLY 600 Ma.

If you apply a larger load than that it will get hot and the thermal cut out will shut it down.

The enable and control signals should be 5 volts..
The supply (for the load) can be up to 36 volts

Data sheet.