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L298N Information Answered

I have a L298N Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver, which I believe is from SainSmart as it matches the one they are currently selling here exactly. The reason I am not 100% sure is that I picked mine at one of those stores that sells lost mail and packages and I only paid 50 cents for it.

I have searched through many different instructables, and other places, but I am not finding the information that I want/need. I think I understand most the this little board except for the In1, IN2, IN3, & IN4. On the one I have these are jumpers. (See link above)

My question is exactly what are these for and how do you set them up to use two DC motors (Not stepper motors).

Also I have read that if the Vcc supply voltage is between 7Vdc and 35Vdc that the 5Vdc connection can be used as an output but I can't find anything that tells me how to set this up since I assume that if you can do this it can be used to power an Arduino or Raspberry PI ( I have an Uno Rev 3 & R-Pi3).

Can anyone either tell about these things or point to a link so I can read about them myself.

Thanks to all!


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4 years ago

Have you checked the examples on the SainSmart website, the Arduino Playground or the datasheet for the driver?


Reply 4 years ago

Yes, but they did not fully explain the use of the IN's and I do not remember seeing anything other then it saying it could be used as a +5Vdc as an output to power an Arduino or R-Pi.
I will search them again. I am sure I probably missed something somewhere...

Thanks for the reply.