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LED AC Driver Answered

Hello, I was looking at making some indoor lighting using these leds http://www.ledsupply.com/creexml-ww220.php 

Of course, the only part I'm confused on is what kind of driver or circuit should I use, if I wanted to plug it into a 110v plug? Thanks


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8 years ago

How many of them do you need? What kind of lighting configuration are you wanting to make? A small LED like that is typically used in a flashlight or on a strip for accent lighting.

Looking at the data sheet on that LED it has a forward voltage of about 3V. The next important number to look at is the amount of current needed. If you want the full 200Lms out of it you need to offer it 3A of current. So you will need an LED driver that can support 3v to 3.3v at about 3A or more depending o how many LEDs you want to use.

If you want several of them for a strip light then buy a kit or buy a roll of the LEDs that are already connected together and only need a power source.